Conference 2014

The conference held on 18th June saw a wonderfully diverse group of people coming together to address a wide range of themes relating to health inequalities and learning disability. An evaluation of the day will be posted shortly. Here you can find the presentations delivered at the conference – more coming soon!

Prof Ruth Northway Lessons learnt

George Matuska Presentation 0.2

George Matuska Workshop 0.1

Sally Smith We Care Programme Learning Disability Week

Carol Robinson Right Time Right Place Right Person Conference presentation For a copy of the DVD, contact Carol on

Alick Mackenzie – Kent-Word-Bank and PhotoRoute by Enabled City

Glenda Roberts Martha Trust 

Sue Marsden – Anticipatory Care Planning KCHT_Powerpoint_Template

And here is the single-word evaluation of the conference, presented as a word cloud:


The group evaluation is presented below:

Group evaluations

The #AHI14 Twitter transcript with photos can be found on Symplur

Paula and Jean – Barbara Mushett Award for Learning Disability Practice 2014

Ruth Northway

Prof Ruth Northway

Carol Robinson

Carol Robinson

Alick MacKenzie & Gareth Jones

Alick MacKenzie & Gareth Jones

Sue Marsden

Sue Marsden

Glenda Roberts

Glenda Roberts

One Word Evaluations

One Word Evaluations















Looking forward to next year – and to plenty of networking in the meantime!







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